Why do you love living in North Louisiana?

Are you proud of the work you’ve done in your community to make living here a better place for everyone? We want to hear about it!

What Do You Need In Your Video?

This Crossroads video contest is meant to be a hype video for North Louisiana: why it’s great to live, work, build a business, and raise a family here. All you have to do is have a phone to record your video on!

The main questions contestants will need to answer in their one-minute video are:

Your name and location in North Louisiana

Why do you live in North Louisiana?

  • Are you from here or did you relocate here?
  • If you are not from here, why have you decided to stay here?
  • If you are from here, why have you stayed or returned back here?

Why do you do business in North Louisiana?

If you’ve built a business in North Louisiana, why did you choose to build it here?

Why do you recommend North Louisiana to people who don’t live here?

Contest Dates

September  25th

Contest Start Date

October 31

Contest End Date

November 2 – November 9th

Judging of videos

November 10th

Announce Winner

Contest Awards

The Crossroads Contest winner will receive a Surface Pro valued at $1,000!

Video to be used as the next commercial for EAP’s “Why North Louisiana” series along with the rest of the Top 5.

Winner’s video will be made into a professional video to be used on all EAP and NorLEAP sites.

Rules of Contest

1. Any inappropriate videos will be disqualified.

2. Contestants must keep their video at one minute or less

3. Video must be submitted on website AND posted to social media. Must be sure to make video public in social media post so that EAP can see it.

4. Contestants must tag EAP and use hashtag #EAPWhyLouisiana when posting their videos to social media

5. When contestants submit, they must submit with their phone number, and location.

Example Videos

Submit Your Video

  • Help us find you and your video on Social Media
  • Maximum size allowed: 512MB

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