Financial Analyst


Financial Analyst


Nick Oliver, a Financial Analyst at the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), a division of BRF, provides services to high-growth entrepreneurs willing to locate their companies in North Louisiana.

Nick has experience in commercial and community banking, corporate finance, as well as individual and institutional investment management. As an analyst for a multinational banking institution, Nick built a database to more efficiently oversee and organize the management of over 9 million mortgages serviced by the institution. As a project manager for a regional bank, he spearheaded the implementation of a new system to better track the firm’s business development pipeline, resulting in faster execution of $129 million in new business opportunities. Nick currently works with early stage entrepreneurs in helping them commercialize their business idea through proforma financial modeling and industry research.

Nick is committed to using his knowledge base to grow and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in North Louisiana. He received both a Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master of Business Administration from Louisiana Tech University, where he received Summa Cum Laude honors and was noted as a Top Graduate in the School of Business.

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

– C.S. Lewis

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The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP) helps create wealth for entrepreneurs by analyzing viable ideas and products, matching them with informed investors, and nurturing them toward rewarding markets.



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