Our Process

We start with your idea or product. Access our network of experts, mentors and key connections that will help you get started!

Our Process

We start with your idea or product. Access our network of experts, mentors and key connections that will help you get started!

Our team explores the details of your idea, product or business to determine which resources we provide will advance your venture into a revenue driving, fast-growing, innovative firm.

Stage 1

Startup Screening: Our team reviews your idea, product or business to ensure it’s on target, positioned for financial sustainability and executing efficiently.

Ideation Sessions: We work with initial concepts or established ideas, give them clear direction and assist them in establishing a proven business model and financial viability.

Stage 2

Financial Analysis: We take a look at your company’s financial standing, assess what should be tweaked and outline the next steps to be taken.

Operational Tools: We offer a multitude of tools to start and grow your business – not just advice and a pat on the back – such as help with business plans, access to customers and technology partners, and help with opening branch offices in Louisiana.

EAP Acceptance: With your business’ acceptance into our accelerator program, you’ll benefit from a plethora of devices that will help your ideas soar into success.

Perfect your plan and pith to potential investors to receive opportunities for funding to continue research and development to shape your future company.

Business Model Establishment: We work with you to design the first roadmap for your business, laying out your ideas, hopes and objectives in an organized way to see the overall picture.

Pro Forma Analysis and Support: We help you chart out a financial plan so your company can reach its greatest economic potential.

Pitch Deck Rehearsal/Preparation and Elevator Pitch: You work with seasoned entrepreneurs to prepare an informative and comprehensible plan to present to potential investors.

Term Sheet and Legal Assistance: We introduce our companies to the proper law parties, employment agencies, and property assets so as to aid in all aspects of cultivating a successful company.

Develop branding, marketing practices and connections to ensure a successful and powerful launch of your business, signaling your transition from the nest to the competitive ecosystem of your industry.

Mentorship and Advisement: We direct you to easily accessible marketing and public relations resources to work with experienced consultants who will help you organize the most effective plan for communicating your message, gaining new clients and retaining loyal ones.

Collaboration and Networking: We work with your company to prepare to transition from the nurturing stages to a company with the potential to net millions of dollars in consumer products and services.

Strategic Partnership: We specialize in strategic partnerships with startups to function as a marketing launchpad with guidance on how to form a plan for advertising and communication.

Syndication Introductions: All of our investors have a common goal – to help you succeed. With help from angel funds and sidecar investors, your startup will benefit from an extra boost toward success.

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