Innolyzer’s founders have discovered an unmet need in the measurement of hydrogen sulfide in aqueous samples. It plays a key role in the environment, many industries and human biology. It’s a toxic gas that has the smell of rotten eggs and in high levels could be deadly. The gas is commonly formed in nature and released during the decay of organic matter. It also a byproduct of petroleum/natural gas drilling and refining, waste water treatment, paper mills and landfills. It also plays an important role in determining health ailments.

Innolyzer is developing products for various industries that can measure the hydrogen sulfide content of any liquid. This would be the first of its kind technology.

Congratulations to Innolyzer!

Innolyzer is the 2015 winner of the Louisiana Startup Prize! They competed against 4 other finalists from all over the country and won many great prizes, including $25,000 in cash.

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