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Jared Beville



Jared Beville, an Entrepreneur in Residence for the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (EAP), a division of the BRF, provides experience and a practical approach to evaluating and consulting early stage startups and existing businesses in our NorLEAP program. As co-founder and managing partner of Red River Brewing Company in Shreveport, Jared has experience in raising private capital, debt financing, operations, and floor sweeping – a task of every early stage entrepreneur.

Jared focuses on our NorLEAP program, which assists startups and existing businesses across 21 parishes in North Louisiana. 

Prior to co-founding Red River Brewing Company and joining EAP, Jared started his career in Physician Practice management and focused on financial analytics, physician compensation and productivity, managed care and quality metrics.

He has held board positions at First Methodist Church of Bossier, Downtown Shreveport Unlimited, and the Shreveport Bossier Real Estate Investors organization. He received a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Louisiana State University Baton Rouge and a Master of Business from Louisiana Tech University.

“There’s no better juice than seeing someone take an idea from concept all the way through reality then to market.”

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